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Wuhan Electronics Components, Materials and Manufacturing Technology Expo 2022

Time:October20-22,2022China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center


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  • Oct.20,Tues. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct.21,Wed. 09:00-16:30
  • Oct.22,Thur. 09:00-16:00
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  • Room 2010-2009, Building A, Greenland Guobo Fortune Center, 111 Sixin North Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan
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Show venue: China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: 787 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Located in the heart of the Optics Valley Central City, COVCEC is a significant landmark building, adjacent to the Hubei Museum of Science and Technology and the Management Committee of the East Lake High-tech Development Zone to the west, Guocai Center to the east, and the urban main road Gaoxin Avenue to the south. The overall structure comes at about 400 meters in length, consisting of 3 floors above ground and 2 underground floors.

COVCEC is made entirely of steel structure, metal grille and glass curtain walls in a perfect sense of fashion, with different materials adding to its charm. It looks magnificent in the day and exquisite and transparent under the light at night, just like a "Light Cube" dancing between sky and earth.

COVCEC consists of a conference center, an exhibition center, and hotels. Each functional zone of the exhibition is on different floors in different buildings, which are relatively independent but closely correlated, forming a complete and comprehensive high-level exhibition service space.

In COVCEC with a total construction area of 84,000 square meters, the indoor exhibition hall covers an area of 21,200 square meters that can accommodate 1,235 standard booths. The 3,200-square-meters luxury pillarless ballroom has a net height of 8 meters, which can be flexibly divided into three sections. There is an area of 8,000 square meters available for conference purposes, consisting of 3 large conference rooms, 4 small conference rooms, and 4 multi-purpose rooms, together which can hold multiple parallel meetings at the same time. Besides, there are also several VIP lounges for rest, and the 1,500-square-meters modern dining hall can serve 3,000 people at the same time.

China (Wuhan) Electronics Components, Materials and Manufacturing Technology Expo, shorted for Electrontech China, was created by Watsonun Exhibition, is to build the platform for electronics engineers. Electrontech China always gather the latest Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology & equipment, As China's leading exhibition specialized in electronics technology, we welcome you to join us !

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ADDR:Room 2010-2009, Building A, Greenland Guobo Fortune Center, 111 Sixin North Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan

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